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Roy Chua 深入研究uCPE托管的3个纵向市场的用例,这些市场的优势显示出早期的吸引力:工业制造业、零售和医疗保健。 

Why Service Providers Love uCPE

A few years ago, BT made rapid progress on a "virtual CPE" PoC. This work was led by Don Clarke, one of the fathers of NFV. But why was BT so interested in vCPE? In this article published on The Fast Mode, Don gives his view on the drving forces behind the vCPE, the same forces that are today accelerating adoption of uCPE among service providers.

Why it’s Time to Rethink On-Premise Data Storage and Management

Data is growing exponentially. And that was even before the pandemic. In 2019 Seagate and IDC estimated that data in enterprises increased at a 42.2% annual growth rate – and that in 2020 enterprises created and captured 6.4 zettabytes of...

The multi-vendor 5G Core – does disaggregation equal irritation?

How Telenor is proving that multi-vendor 5G core solutions are here to stay For mobile operators, disaggregation, or separation and componentization, sounds like nirvana: a bigger, deeper field of vendors to choose from, innovative new architectures from the IT world...

At the Crossroads of 5G and Wi-Fi 6

The debate whether cellular or Wi-Fi technology would prevail is long gone. With the introduction of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, it is obvious that the two technologies are complementary and will converge.

It’s not too early to lay the foundations for 6G

Is it too early to start talking about 6G? After all, most mobile operators are still building out and fine-tuning their 5G networks. "We just put 5G in," Verizon CTO Kyle Malady said in December 2020, "there's a lot of...


在本文中,AvidThink 的首席分析师Roy蔡美儿研究了通用客户办公场所设备(uCPE)如何成为内部部署企业边缘计算的关键垫脚石,为平台带来额外的价值。


快速和轻松地替换或更改uCPE上提供的服务的能力使MSP能够无缝且经济高效地发展其产品。 最终用户将从快速访问新功能,提高的安全性,更高的性能以及自定义功能中受益。

uCPE: Launchpad for the Next Generation Enterprise Services

In this blog post Karl Mörner makes a series of proposals explaining how managed service providers (MSPs) could grow their businesses by offering add-ons to basic networking services. The key to success for MSPs requires leveraging universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) as a highly flexible and cost-effective service delivery platform at the edge. (Published on LinkedIn Pulse.)


为了实现更高的利润,服务提供商需要在SD-WAN等网络服务之上运行针对IoT,分析和专用移动网络的新型互联边缘服务,从而使其产品更具实质性差异。 uCPE是所有这些服务的理想启动板。 (在快速模式下发布)

uCPE: A New Money-Maker for Enterprise Services

To successfully apply higher margins, service providers need to bring a more substantial differentiation to their offerings, with new connected edge services for IoT, analytics, and private mobile networks, running on top of networking services like SD-WAN. uCPE is the perfect launchpad for all those services. (Published on The Fast Mode)

How to Get a Head Start with Secure SD-WAN on uCPE

This article presents an approach for a secure SD-WAN solution using white-box uCPE and open-source applications.


在此博客中,您将找到所有这些问题的答案以及更多内容! 我将解释SASE实际上是什么,是什么驱动了SASE迁移,大多数供应商仍然有什么工作,以及为什么如果您希望SASE有效地工作并履行其许多承诺,就必须有一个组件。

2021: The Year of uCPE?

Will 2021 be the year when the benefits of uCPE makes it the standard platform for any SD-WAN or SASE deployment? In this article, Tomas Hedqvist makes three predictions on where uCPE is going in 2021.


带有Enea NFV Access和Lanner的L-1515白盒的uCPE解决方案最近已通过认证,可用于Verizon Wireless的网络。 Verizon Wireless如何对uCPE产生兴趣? 这篇博客文章还解释了该认证如何帮助系统集成商和服务提供商设置SD-WAN和SASE服务。

5G SA: The Network we all Deserve!

There has never been a better time than now for network operators to fast-track their investments in 5G

Is Your SD-WAN Future-Proof?  If Not, Why Not?

The hybrid workplace is here to stay, and with it will push to the adoption of SD-WAN and security even further. Do you know how to future-proof your network?

Study: Communication Service Providers Going for uCPE Will Be Winners

Communication service providers who want to grow their managed services sales need to take a closer look at uCPE. This is the conclusion in a recent study by Heavy Reading.

Extraordinary Circumstances Bring New Meaning to 5G

Harold Labruyère, Vice President of Engineering and Innovation at the Qosmos Division of Enea, shares his view on the significance to continue the work with 5G in the midst of the coranvirus pandemic

Service Providers - How Future-Proof is Your Presence at Customer Premises?

Are you still shipping first generation SD-WAN to enterprises? Then you have the chance to improve your business, save costs, provide more agile services, and secure your presence on the customer premises. How? By starting to ship second generation SD-WAN instead.



Enea’s Commitment during the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus situation continues to develop rapidly. In this blog post, Jan Häglund, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enea, explains which decisions that the company has made to protect the health and safety of all staff, and to maintain business continuity.


统一的带内管理通过同一物理接口进行所有管理和数据通信。 如果处理得当,共享接口可以使系统成本最小化,并使最终用户的工作变得更简化。

Unleashing the Full Potential of 5G with Robust Data Management

Learn how Enea's Unified Data Management and Unified Data Repository will allow applications for network and business operations to securely store and access data, and operators to have a unified view of all data in 5G management in 2020.


第二代SD-WAN使服务提供商可以针对垂直行业细分量身定制SD-WAN产品。 这篇博客文章解释了它如何工作以及它的重要性。

CMC Networks公司选择ENEA UCPE软件平台扩展其SD-WAN业务

CMC Networks建立在uCPE之上,可为其第二代SD-WAN产品实现最大的灵活性和适应性。





如何迁移第二代 SD-WAN

用于在基于白盒硬件和开放虚拟化平台的 uCPE 上部署的第二代 SD-WAN 现在正在通信服务提供商和企业中获得成功,他们看到了灰盒 SD-WAN 的灵活且具有成本效益的替代方案。

计划在 UCPE 上部署 SD-WAN 占10分之7 !

在最近由 SDXCentral 组织的网络研讨会上,我们询问了如何在 uCPE 上部署 SD-WAN。 观众回答说他们已准备好迁移到基于 uCPE 的第二代 SD-WAN 解决方案。

SD-WAN - 企业的新支柱

SD-WAN  解决方案的好处对企业来说越加明显,市场正在快速增长。 了解背景以及此类解决方案如何帮助企业降低成本。

Meeting Jan Häglund – the new Chief Executive Officer of Enea

Tomas Hasselrot meets Jan Häglund and asks him about his view on Enea and the strategy looking forward.

构建灵活高效的 UCPE 平台的三个步骤

While SD-WAN is experiencing a serious hype, service providers have begun to show great interest in basing SD-WAN offerings on uCPE solutions. Why is this? Why do service providers take such an interest in uCPE?

Top 5 Predictions for 2019 - The Connected Society Coming of Age

As we move into 2019, many of the technologies and paradigm shifts that have been in discussion for several years - ranging from NFV to 5G - are moving from discussion and development into real deployments. The ever-connected society is coming of age, but with that also comes increased expectations regarding functionality, quality, and user experience.


Flexibility is key to keep CapEx low and shorten time-to-deployment when 5G operators start deploy 5G networks. A flexible runtime is an enabler of system flexibility. This blog post gives you five reasons why you need a flexible runtime platform for 5G RAN applications.

Enea Strengthens Partnership with Intel

Enea has been awarded Solution Plus Partner in the Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle, recognized for industry leadership in technical innovation, meeting the industry’s transformational needs, and delivering open and flexible solutions optimized for Intel.

Network Transformation Award Winner

The virtualization software platform Enea NFV Access redefines the economics of uCPE and SD-WAN deployments. It is purpose-built for best-in-class networking characteristics and footprint – ideal for retail and point of sales scenarios.

Where is uCPE Heading?

You don’t have to pick greyboxes for uCPE anymore, since whiteboxes with independent NFVi are now available. This enables new uCPE solutions with great technical capabilities and tremendously attractive economical conditions.

SD-WAN and uCPE: Solving the Economic Equation

Carriers, service providers and enterprises are desperately looking for affordable and manageable SD WAN and uCPE solutions in order to deliver the right function or service at the right performance. But how do they solve the economic equation?

Survey Result: The Most Important uCPE Requirements

In the cost sensitive vCPE/SD-WAN use cases, CSPs and enterprises rank open source based software and APIs, optimized for low-end whiteboxes, as their top two requirements.

3 good (technical) reasons to why you need an IP fast path

Why have Nokia, ARM, Cavium, Marvell and others invested in Open Fast Path (OFP), an open source project aiming to provide an accelerated IP stack implemented in Linux user space?

Enea Leading Lights 2018 Finalist: Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy

Light Reading just announced the 2018 shortlist for the Leading Lights Awards: Enea is a finalist in the Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy category. 


工业IoT以较低的成本实现了效率和生产力的巨大飞跃; 但也意味着大量的连接设备会输出大量的数据,这些数据必须经常实时地通过网络计算和传输。 提供足够的处理能力来处理所有这些数据是一个巨大的挑战。

Getting High Performance Real-Time out of Linux

What to do when you need Linux and hard real-time in the same system? Find out 3 ways how to get it done in software!

来自现场的声音:使用ENEA OSE确保LTE终端设备的实时特性。

在这次采访中,我们正在和一家开发LTE终端设备的公司的研发副总裁张先生进行交流。 在设计中,Enea OSE用于ARM集群和DSP上的Enea OSEck

The Rise of Open Service Delivery Platforms at the Network Edge

We talked to Paul Parker-Johnson, Principal Analyst for Cloud & Virtual System Infrastructure at ACG Research about what is going on at the network edge and what it takes to succeed as a solutions provider.

Survey results: 3 questions about virtualizing the network edge

SDxCentral recently hosted a webinar with speakers from ACG Research, Intel and Enea. During the webinar, three questions were answered by a highly qualified audience of solution vendors, Systems Integrators and service providers.

Goodbye vertical silos, hello components!

Vendors would, in the past, package hardware and software together. In this horizontal world, we’re splitting that. The bundling and selling of vertical silos won’t work anymore.

4 Steps to Shorter Time-to-Revenue

4 steps how to shorten time-to-revenue in NFV/SDN systems at the network edge, ensuring flexible service deployment through open and standard APIs.

Get the Edge – Thanks to Efficient NFV Infrastructure based on ARM

An interview with Bob Monkman at ARM about ARM's role in the NFV evolution, and how ecosystem partners like Enea can amplify benefits like footprint, performance, power consumption, and innovation.

NFV benefits to telecom operators

This interview with Ulf Bragnell, Director Product Management at Enea discusses NFV trends and particularly vCPE benefits to operators, along an exposé of commercial software solutions.

When will vCPE solutions use ARM and Why?

In a recent webinar with Light Reading, the audience was asked the question “Are you deploying ARM-based vCPE solutions in the near future”? Let’s take a look at the results.