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5G 数据管理

Enea Unified Data Manager (UDM)

The Enea Unified Data Manager provides UDM functions in 5G networks and supports interworking with HSS in 4G networks. It supports all relevant interworking scenarios, and manages all subscriber and device data. It can also perform the 5G-EIR function and be co-located with the AUSF function.

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Enea Stratum Network Data Layer

The 5G Network Data Layer

Stratum is an open, cloud native and simplified Network Data Layer
Stratum solves the problem of vendor lock-in by collapsing all vendor data silos into one common data layer ensuring separation of applications and data. It provides the 5G UDR, UDSF functionality.

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Enea Digital Identity

SmartIDM enables operators to effectively deploy complete Digital Identity Management

Built on our award winning NFV platform, SmartIDM a is secure, real-time, privacy-friendly Identity Management solution

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Enea Equipment Identity Register

The Enea 5G Equipment Identity Register (5G-EIR) is a key solution for authentication of mobile devices, preventing misuse of network and abuse of paid services. It is based on a micro-services architecture and fully compliant with 3GPP specifications for 5G-EIR.

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Enea Access Manager

The Enea Access Manager provides the AAA and AUSF functions in 4G and 5G networks respectively, with authentication and service access capabilities. The highest standards of security and reliability are essential for cloud-native solutions and provided with this product.

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Enea Policy Manager

The Enea Policy Manager provides the PCRF and PCF functions in 4G and 5G networks respectively. The product uses flexible decision-making functions to control the subscribers’ use of network resources. It also supports network slicing and Internet of Things applications.

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Enea ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping) is a standard-compliant turnkey solution providing a bridge between the mobile network and the Internet. High performance and excellent scalability in terms of throughput and capacity let network operators save capital and operational expenditure.

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Enea Video Optimization

Adapts to traffic in real-time so you can trade off cost against QoE

Deployed in leading T1 networks worldwide, RAN Congestion Manager offers fully virtualized Machine Learning technology to intelligently manage video traffic.

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Enea DPI and Content Filtering

Traffic Classifier and Traffic Filter safeguard users and protect your revenues

DPI and Categorization software provides an agile, comprehensive, network-based solution for analysis, classification and enforcement

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Enea Integra NFV Platform

Best in class service orchestration and modular NFV platform

Highly modular architecture, low latency and high performance for both the signalling/control plane and the data/user plane. Enables encrypted application classification, and dynamic NFV service chaining

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Encrypted Video Management

Categorize encrypted traffic flows and differentiate different services

Encrypted Video Manager inspects and categorizes encrypted traffic flows (TCP, TLS, HTTPS, QUIC etc) in real time, and intelligently adjusts encrypted video to reduce impact on the RAN by 20% while preserving QoE.

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Enea TCP Acceleration

Clientless solution that accelerates mobile internet browsing through TCP Optimization

TCP Optimizer, provided faster browsing by maximizing the efficiency of the transport layer in mobile networks. It reduces webpage loading and rendering times through compression and caching of popular content.

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Enea Traffic Classifier

Packet, flow & session classification & management

All-IP deep packet and application classification for encrypted and unencrypted data flows with quality of service, traffic enforcement, acceleration and control options.

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Enea IP Traffic Filtering

Protect customers from harmful or illigal content

Enea IP Traffic Filtering provides transparent IPV4/IPV6 traffic interception and categorization with discrete levels of control, and the flexibility to identify and apply to different user types at different times.

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Enea Edge

针对 uCPE, SD-WAN, Security, 5G and IoT场景的虚拟化

Enea Edge 是一个完整的 NFVI 平台,专为在客户端部署白盒 uCPE 而设计,并针对常见的 vCPE 和 SD-WAN 用例进行了优化。



Enea Qosmos ixEngine


Qosmos ixEngine 是基于高级深度数据包检测(DPI)的高级分类引擎,它使用市场领先的IP流解析和分析将细粒度的流量智能引入网络解决方案,并包括加密流量的分类。


Enea Qosmos Probe


Qosmos Probe 是一种非侵入式传感器,可提供有关网络流量的深入情报。 它使用Qosmos ixEngine市场领先的技术来识别每个IP会话背后的应用程序,并提供详细的流,协议和应用程序元数据。


服务供应商 WI-FI 

Aptilo SMP VWM

Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ (VWM)

A scaleable platform with built-in support for all Wi-Fi and gateway vendors that count. All functionalities that you need for a first-class Wi-Fi service: AAA, policy engine, subscriber management, charging, captive portals, SIM-authentication, analytics and more.

Extensive support for integration with external systems and the mobile core through Diameter, RADIUS and REST APIs.


IoT 安全与互联

Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT

Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity

Ever tried to on-board a device to a Wi-Fi network? It is a painful manual process and a show stopper for an IoT mass-market based on Wi-Fi. Our authentication service makes this process automatic and secure by utilizing the certificate that already exists in the device. It’s zero-touch!


Cellular IoT Connectivity

Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service (IoT CCS)

Aptilo IoT CCS adds a flexible, smart and secure IoT connectivity control layer on top of any current and future mobile core. Operators can deliver innovative IoT services in days rather than months, at a fraction of the alternative cost. 



Enea OSE




Enea Linux




Enea OSEck

针对高性能、受存储器限制的应用进行了优化的DSP RTOS

Enea OSEck 建立在具有较小内存占用空间的紧凑型内核上,为单核和多核DSP器件带来了丰富的功能和真正的实时行为。



Enea Netbricks


它包括各种信号处理堆栈以及协议分析软件。 所有Enea Netbricks软件均采用ANSI C编写,采用模块化和便携式架构,可提供完整的平台独立性。 Enea Netbricks被400多家主要电信设备制造商,网络设备制造商和OEM使用。


Enea Element 高可用性


Enea Element 高可用性是一个强大的应用程序开发框架,可简化高可用应用程序的设计和实现。Enea Element的高可用性能很好地匹配了需要持续运行的应用程序,具有良好的可伸缩性和高性能。


Enea Polyhedra


Enea Polyhedra 是一种快速的内存SQL数据库,其主动技术可提高性能,保护数据完整性并简化开发。 它的设计占地面积小,可用性高,并且可以从单节点扩展到弹性云部署。




Focus Area

Leverage the expertise of over 300 software engineers whose track record features complex, embedded systems for the aviation market, including multiple commercial airborne equipment projects certified to Level A by the FAA.

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Focus area

With more than 50 years in cutting edge technology, we have earned a reputation for quality and innovation. We use all our experience in the service of our clients, helping them achieve security transformation in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Focus area

Our experts develop software platforms and solutions for high-tech, connected medical devices that improve telemedicine capabilities and patient treatment, and leverage the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and IoT/wearables.

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Linux Foundation Trainings

We are a Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner and can offer some of the widest training curriculums on the market, relating to embedded Linux development, Real-Time and applied programming.

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