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Enea Tube

uCPE Solution for Ultra Low-End SD-WAN with Enea, Advantech, and Fortinet

Based on the Advantech FWA-T011 whitebox, the Enea NFV Access uCPE software infrastructure, and the FortiGate Secure SD-WAN virtual network function.

uCPE Virtualization Software for the Network Edge

The Enea NFV portfolio addresses the edge of the network. It provides software for vCPE, 5g and SD-WAN use cases, including software virtualization platforms with low footprint and optimized networking characteristics.


See the first intelligent service classifier with open SDN & NFV interfaces, enabling dynamic service chaining for Gi-LAN, SD-WAN and vCPE.

Why Hybrid AMP/SMP Scales on Multicore

Kenneth Jealmo, Product Manager for Enea's real-time operating system "Enea OSE", talks about multicore scaling and how a hybrid SMP/AMP operating system scales on multicore processors.

3 Ways to Enable Real-Time in Enea Linux in 2 minutes!

Learn how Enea can help you get Linux ready for real time through high throughput, low latency, and determinism.

Agility at the network edge with Enea

Industry collaboration around standardized APIs and platforms is vital in the pursuit of lower OpEx and zero-touch provisioning. To be able to cater to hybrid environments in the field, flexible orchestration options is necessary, with the ability to combine NETCONF/YANG approaches with OpenStack and even container based solutions.

The NFV PicoPod in two minutes

Enea, ARM, Marvell, and PicoCluster present the "NFV PicoPod": The world's most compact OPNFV development environment compliant with the OPNFV Pharos specification.

How to overcome performance vs. feature trade-offs in Linux

Linux is the typical runtime choice with its rich feature set and well known programming paradigm, though system characteristic requirements often lead to feature vs. performance trade-offs. These trades-offs can be avoided by using a heterogeneous approach – extending Linux with a real-time domain.

NFV at the Edge of the network, Challenges and solutions

As operators transition to Edge NFV, monitoring solutions need to adapt to new environments. The traditional approach using taps, splitters and physical probes does not provide the required visibility into a virtualized infrastructure. In this presentation Enea will discuss possible solutions to address these problems.